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About Linda

Her works are for sale on this site as well as through several Galleries in the Texas Area.  Contact her about purchases of an original or fine art print at 682-272-1083 or
Linda was drawn at a young age to the Arts.  The imagination and what it can do was always a part of her early childhood. She and her twin sister started a thriving puppet-show business at the early age of eleven, hand making all the puppets, sets, costumes, and scripts.

She was educated and raised in an engineer’s family graduated with an Electrical Engineers Degree she began work in the corporate world. The imagination of art never left her heart. After 15 years, she left the world of Corporate America to start her own woodworking business building and restoring antique furniture. It was very rewarding to her to save pieces of art and history. This slowly changed over the next 20 years to become a high-end custom cabinet business.

Linda saw a lot of scrap wood from her business. One winter evenings Linda grabbed some paint and a brush on a scrap of that plywood and began her very first painting.  It was a tall lady looking out of a doorway.  She stepped back when it was finished to admire her work, then set it aside without a thought more.  A friend, the next week, loved the painting- in fact, so much so that she asked to purchase it.  And thus began her artistry. What started as painting a few pieces for her home soon had friends and neighbors asking for pieces of her work.


She uses a very bright and eclectic style using vibrant colors as her trademark, as well as themes from her own travels and experience. Married to a Porsche enthusiast, she soon found herself painting portraits of her husband’s cars and again other people started asking her to paint their cars and now Linda has developed a strong base of art around vintage Porsche and cars of all types.

Linda has been painting and selling art for now 11 years, she does both commission work as well as attending 6 to 8 invitation art shows a year, most recently being recognized as an award winner in the Granbury Texas Art Exhibit.

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